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Making Cool Sh*t

Since 1988

With the knowledge and passion for designing customer experiences, our team knows what it takes to deliver beautiful & functional one-of-a-kind spaces and products.

Intro About

Not your typical interior
design firm.

More than just design, we manufacture the items essential to your business needs and manage the process all under one very large roof. By using our industry experience, project cost knowledge, and fabrication know-how we help you guide the design from concept to build out, all in-house.


Business & Brand


From day one, we partner with our clients to help them identify business opportunities, understand their core audience, and tackle project & design challenges with an operations mindset.




We design spaces with a

cross-disciplinary approach, thinking through the entirety of the guest experience: from brand creation through spatial design, and ideation of those special moments that keep people coming back.


Design & Documentation

Our team knows what it takes to deliver  beautiful & functional spaces. We will work with you at every step of the process to ensure all design concepts are executed to their highest potential while staying on budget.


Production & Fabrication

Our craftsmen build custom concepts that exceed the highest industry standards. By doing it ourselves we are able to seamlessly produce innovative designs with no surprises. 




Our founders are committed to overseeing all projects from start to finish. When you hire 555 you hire a project manager from day one, our hands on approach ensures that the original vision is the result on opening day. 

with a lot of moving parts. we provide an anchor.

Our members work cross-functionally across departments, ensuring that all designs and processes are being reviewed and monitored by a closely interconnected group.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to add to our team.

over 34 years of experience

We have worked with some of the largest and most notable

Hospitality and Retail groups in the world.


At 555, we look at the "big picture". We ask the questions that are usually never asked.

We listen to your dreams, we add our experience and insight, and turn those dreams into reality. We strive to engage the guest, enhance their experience, and service their wants and needs. These environments are what become some our proudest work.


We make cool shit, and we love doing it.

Let's build something awesome


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