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deuce's & the diamond club

Wrigleyville, CH

Interior Design / Branding / Lighting / Fixtures & Displays / Fabrication / Installation

Photo Credit: Eric Kleinberg

When Deuce’s and The Diamond Club opened its doors in 2011 it was immediately recognized as the hot spot of Wrigleyville, CH – because when 555 founder James Geier opens a bar, naturally it has to be the best in the neighborhood.

The original concept behind Deuce’s was to create a more contemporary, higher-end sports-watching experience for Cubs fans in a neighborhood populated by old-school sports bars.


The space is modern, masculine, and clean, featuring a range of sports viewing opportunities with the best sound equipment. An outside bar area provides a secondary space for guests to hang out, featuring a modern water feature surrounded by private cabanas. Inside plush lounge furniture is juxtaposed against modern highboys, while metal doors allow natural light to flow through the space on a sunny Chicago afternoon.

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