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United Center, CH

Interior Design / Branding / Fixtures & Displays / Engineering / Lighting / Signage / Fabrication / Installation

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis / LA Rams

One complex housing, two teams, one vision: to make memories for all Chicago sports fans, young and old alike. Both visual and interactive, the Madhouse Team Store acts as the ultimate place for Chicago Bulls and Blackhawk fans to shop and showcase their pride. 

The store features a range of guest experiences designed to attract and engage visitors while keeping in mind flow during high-traffic times. Guests are lured in by a real-life repurposed CTA Train Car Photobooth where fans can take green screen photos on the courtside or the locker room and call a play through video touch-screens. Wrapping the center of the space is a massive corrugated steel ribbon designed as a projection-mapped surface to highlight ever-changing content depending on needs and events. Above the main checkout line hang two custom sculptural art installations of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks' logos. Other features include 8-foot-tall replicas of the Stanley Cup and Larry O’Brien trophy, a 20ft tall wall with over 4,000 caps, and a real-life replica of the championship court where Bulls legends like Jordan and Pippen played in the 90’s. The space utilizes a combination of low and high-tech features designed to engage fans at many levels, providing opportunities to shop while sharing their experience with friends on social media.

On the operations side our team designed and fabricated a customized perimeter merchandising system that maximizes visibility throughout the store's layout and glass windows. Revolving perforated panels visible from both sides make transitioning between teams practically effortless, saving hours in restocking time while a custom rotating jersey wall feature that pivots with the touch of a finger allows staff to cleverly hide and feature pre-merchandised jerseys on game days.

To ensure constant alignment to the client's vision, we placed flexibility and functionality at utmost importance, testing each component vigorously, making sure everything placed within the space allowed for ease of use when accommodating for each event. Our goal was to find the perfect balance between function and aesthetics.

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