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When BOKA joined forces with Chef Paul Virant, turning their existing Lincoln Park restaurant into Perennial Virant; they asked us to give the space a “face lift”. Touring the restaurant, Rob and Kevin suggested that “maybe the pillows should change”? or “perhaps even the entire banquet”? With only three months until Mother’s Day and a very restricted budget these were sound ideas. And after considering those ideas for a minute we decided we had bigger plans.


Lincoln Park, CH

Interior Design / Lighting /  Fabrication / Installation

Photo Credit: Eric Kleinberg

When The Boka Group joined forces with Chef Paul Virant, our task was to re-design the existing Perennial restaurant to reflect Paul’s style while creating a fresh experience for its Lincoln Park regulars. Paul’s passion for pickling food and commitment to locally grown ingredients offered plenty of inspiration for the interiors. With a nod to the farm-to-table concept we set out to create a casual outdoor atmosphere.

We brought in plenty of trees and large picnic tables, used our favorite exterior lighting from Aldo Bernaldi and covered the entire dining room with a trellis, string lights and all. To top it off, we aged the oak butcher block for the tables by actually “pickling” the wood, an existing technique that uses vinegar to turn the wood gray.

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