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Fulton Market District, CH

Interior Design / Fixtures & Displays / Lighting / Art Installation / Custom Fabrication / CNC Wood / Installation

Photo Credit: Eric Kleinberg

As the name suggests, RealGood Stuff Co. is a company that makes stuff that is both real and good. Likewise, 555 set out to make RealGood Fulton Market an environment that aesthetically stays true to their core ethos.

In RealGood Stuff’s largest space to date, our goal was to make the customer experience the most enjoyable and easy to navigate. With many offerings, guest flow through the space needed to be intuitive and seamless for quick morning caffeine runs, and busy lunchtime rushes. With more space also came the opportunity to add an expanded seating area for those who were able to sit and stay a while. Signage and retail displays were designed to be directive and inviting, sparking curiosity to discover a new favorite snack. And in the world of online everything, to-go pickups needed a place of their own for lunch seekers on the go.

Inviting grab-n-go areas made of custom retail fixtures strategically placed throughout the space allows for product self-discovery and add-on opportunities while guiding the guest's journey. The visible kitchen gets you front and center with your food, where you can see products being freshly made. An expanded cafe provides comfortable seating and feel-good graphics that invite guests to grab a quick bite, sit, eat, work, socialize, and stay a little longer. Finally, the brand comes to life within fun patterns, graphic wallcoverings, and playful art.

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