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To battle the heat of the 2019 summer music festival circuit, Svedka Vodka, in collaboration with Cogent World commissioned an experiential pop-up bar design to promote their new Rosé flavored vodka.

pop-up bar

Mobile, US

Product Design / Engineering / Lighting / Fixtures & Displays / Fabrication / Installation

The design needed to serve as a place for brand promotion and engagement, featured cocktails, and as an interactive environment. It needed to be bold, eye-catching, and a damn good party. We set out to create an experience that was bigger than life.


Svedka’s audience is wide-ranging, and targeting festival-goers was the challenge. The goal became grabbing the attention of those walking to and from the different stages and vendor areas. What would stop someone in their tracks as they are being bombarded by visual stimuli? What would stand out from the collective of food and drink vendors? One giant bottle that you can party in.


This 40-foot bottle acted as the showpiece, adorned with tropical foliage that creates a garden-like atmosphere, rose-gold accents, and hanging disco balls for funky flair. Inside the top of the bottle, LEDs illuminated the sparkle-infused surroundings for a picture-perfect backdrop. Sunlight through colored plexiglass gives a rose tint to the interior. We created an environment in which the customer could relax and stick around on daybeds to give people a chance to sip and enjoy.


Created to travel to many events, the entire assembly was designed to be installed, broken down, and hauled in a streamlined fashion. All materials used were chosen with weather in mind, needing to withstand wear and tear, rain, or wind.

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