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Wrigley Field, CH

Product Design / Fixtures & Displays / Lighting / Branding / Custom Fabrication / Installation

Photo Credit: Eric Kleinberg

We teamed up with the Chicago Cubs  to design their on-concourse retail kiosk program throughout all of the iconic Wrigley Field, CH. 

Locations focused on high-traffic areas to catch the eyes of fans as they pass by between innings to grab a hot dog or use the facilitates. We couldn’t build into the structure of Wrigley itself. Instead, we transformed areas that were under-utilized into revenue-generating retail shops, at a cost-effective level that would yield a high return on investment.

This kiosk design needed to include security, be portable, and have the ability to feature a fair volume of products, all while fitting within a small amount of square footage. The modular design of the kiosks allows each part of the unit to work alone or be coupled with additional units to fill a larger space. The mobility of the units creates an easy-to-assemble and adaptable retail system for different locations.


Storage units along the bottom can store additional merchandise or materials for the sales force. At the end of the game day, the entire assembly can be folded up and locked down to protect the shop from theft and weather. This compact design makes opening and closing the shop site easy for any sales team member, reducing the time needed for clean-up and restocking.

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