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Sparrow Restaurant Design by 555 International
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Established in Chicago since 1927, this classic art deco apartment building and lobby bar are still running. With a couple of improvements our team dusted it off, replaced some light bulbs, and re-opened it to the public as the original establishment in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. 

cocktail bar

Gold Coast, CH

Interior Design / Branding / Signage / Fabrication / Installation

Photo Credit:  Eric Kleinberg

For the inspiration behind the interior design, we looked into the name itself. What is the Sparrow? A social, beautiful, and intelligent bird, yes. But a true persona of the residents who nested in the area: social and outgoing but also very private; established in their craft, but still perfectionists; always pondering the next move while not moving much at all. 


Here, the mixologists have long been privy to more intimate dialog than the building’s doorman which means that all stories are accepted, not judged but rather kept within the surrounding walls. So pick your favorite chair, tell them your best story, and enjoy the stay.

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