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SOFI Stadium, CA

Interior Design / Fixtures & Displays / Fabrication / Metal CNC / Millwork

The team store within SoFi Stadium American Airlines Plaza offers casual lifestyle sportswear for both the LA Rams and LA Chargers football teams.

The boutique-style retail area is open year-round for numerous events such as game days, private art galleries, brand collaborations, and more. Tall 40ft ceilings and towering windows provide a panoramic view of the surrounding plaza illuminating the bright white interior which gives way for the colors of the merchandise to stand out and be even more eye-catching to potential customers. For the store to easily feature diverse brands of merchandise for various events, we manufactured various custom smart fixtures exhibiting apparel throughout the space. 


The design of the individual fixtures is customizable with a variety of shelving units, hat racks, shirt display frames, and small item containers that can be arranged in various configurations that suit the needs of the current lineup of merchandise. Along with the individual fixtures, the store features a custom laser-cut perimeter system that matches the skin of the stadium covering, a floor-to-ceiling, double-sided hat wall, and a jersey wall with respective men's and women’s apparel sections on either side.

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