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When 555 International was approached to revamp and renovate the original Goose Island Brew Pub on Clybourn founded in 1988, we were presented with a layered challenge: redesign the space to embody the future of the brand for national rollout, while simultaneously honoring their local roots.

Goose island

Clybourn, CH

Interior Design / Branding / Fabrication / Installation

Fixtures & Displays / Lighting / Signage

With over 30 years’ experience working with legendary brands like Armani, McDonald’s, Loews Hotels and the Dallas Cowboys, James Geier and the design team at 555 International know the significance of Goose Island to the city of Chicago and pioneering craft brewing to the United States – specifically that the preservation of their unique story would be key to the future success of the brand. As craft brewers, Goose Island’s roots are the foundation on which they stand, stay true to the community of craft brewing, and continue nurturing their strong customer base.


Using this as their inspiration, our developed a holistic concept for the new Brewhouse anchored by three key principals: the people, the product, and the process. The space would be designed with the guest experience in mind, focusing on elevating the brand’s representation to the public, showcasing the unique brewing process, featuring a fantastic curated menu and beer pairings, and demonstrating the renewed versatility of the brand. 

Everything created for the renovation was custom designed and fabricated in-house; from the leather map to the classic styling of the stools. It all came together seamlessly to encompass the people, process, and product that makes Goose Island the empire beer aficionados will continue to know and love for years to come.

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