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HERMES rotating fixture

Hermes | Multiple Locations, US

Product Design / Fixtures & Displays / Engineering / Art Installation / Custom Fabrication / Installation

Photo Credit: Eric Kleinberg

For their new collection, Hermés Paris wanted to create a range of larger than life replicas of their iconic enamel bangle bracelets to create a dramatic visual presence for their retail windows. 555 International assisted with the design, development, fabrication, project management and installation of these high-end retail displays into multiple locations across the United States.

In addition to the bracelets, Hermes’ design team had one more complicated request: create ten-foot-tall robotic bracelet towers that rotated simultaneously in different directions. After some initial prototyping, we solved the challenge through the implementation of a series of motors working simultaneously with each other in opposing directions. The result is a massive rotating bracelet window display that's both calming and visually mesmerizing.

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