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Fulton Market District, CH

Interior Design / Branding / Lighting /

Fabrication / Installation

Photo Credit: Eric Kleinberg

Roister: to engage in noisy revelry. In this completely custom restaurant, our team designed and built an open environment that features the chefs at the heart of the space. Inspiration flowed from the process of making food from scratch, seeing hands at work, and feeling the heat of an open wood fire grill.

Michelin-starred Roister, owned and operated by top restaurateurs and dining influencers Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, required a casual take on fine dining. Energetic yet sophisticated, elegant yet approachable. A dining experience that answered the question, “What would it be like for guests to dine in the kitchen with the chefs?”


On the main level, a large hearth anchors the center of the room and highlights the chefs as a focal point for guests. Hand-forged blackened metal chandeliers, inspired by medieval armor skirting, hang over the large butcher block pass. Custom wood ceiling beams with inlaid copper details, extend down the perimeter walls with integrated lighting. The excitement of the working kitchen and engagement with the chefs creates an experience for the guest, getting a closer than ever look into the provisions and the process of how it all comes together.


Walking downstairs you’re transported from raw to refined, bathed in the warm glow of the intimate dining space with a full second kitchen line so guests in either space get the full experience. The custom-fabricated ceiling panels create a continuous wave through the space, changing their appearance as they are viewed from different angles. The inlaid copper detail highlights the routed pattern in the panels and ties back to the wood beams upstairs.

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